Why was the police shooting of a 14-year-old boy in Vienna, Austria, justified?

The police officer who shot and killed a 14 year old boy in Vienna, Austria on Sunday may have had a valid justification to use deadly force, the head of the Austrian Police said on Monday.

The incident has sparked outrage in Austria and abroad.

Vienna’s chief prosecutor, Reinhard Heidenreich, said on Twitter that he would not allow himself to be manipulated by any politician or group.

“I don’t believe that any politician can be trusted,” Heidenrer told the AFP news agency.

“I don- t believe that there are any groups that can influence the prosecutor’s decisions.

I think there are no politicians that can lead the police.”

On Sunday, a policeman in the city of Breslau shot dead a teenage boy after he ran away from the home where he was staying with his family.

The boy, who was wearing a helmet and a face mask, was shot dead at around 10.30pm local time, a police spokesman said.

It was not immediately clear if the officer who fired the shot had been involved in the investigation.

Heidenrer said the teenager had been the subject of “serious violence” and had been threatening the police.

Police had earlier released a photograph of the boy, whose identity has not been released, who had a long-standing criminal record, the BBC reported.

In a statement, the Austrian prosecutor said the boy was the subject “of serious violence”.

“In the light of the fact that he has been the victim of serious violence, the police officer used the necessary means to protect himself,” he said.

“He is not the only one who is being threatened by the person he has run away from.”

Police have been criticized for failing to investigate the incident thoroughly, with many in the country calling for a review of the way they handled the shooting.

“The shooting of the 14- year-old has been totally unjustified,” Austria’s Justice Minister Heinz-Christian Strache told local news broadcaster Austrian TV.

“This has no relation to the police and the protection of public order.”

“I would like to be able to go home at midnight, and then be able enjoy the evening with my family and friends,” said Svetlana Petkova, a member of Austria’s ruling Christian Democrats party.

She said the shooting had caused a rift between her party and the police force.

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