Why Florida’s shooting is a reminder of what’s at stake in America’s gun debate

More than half of the victims killed in the US in 2016 were killed by guns.

Here are 10 things you need to know about gun violence.

| Associated PressRead moreA lot of people have the wrong idea about the nature of gun violence in America, according to a new Gallup poll.

About 42 percent of Americans believe that gun violence is a “normal” occurrence.

The rest say that it’s more of a problem that exists on the margins.

This has been a consistent finding across several studies, and the pollsters also found that most Americans do not see the prevalence of gun-related deaths as a big deal.

On the flip side, 58 percent of people think gun violence should be addressed as a national problem.

More people believe that it should be tackled as a public health problem than that it is not a major problem.

So the question is: Do people see gun violence as a major issue in America?

And while this seems to be the case in the poll, there is a huge divide among Americans over how they feel about gun control, according a new Pew Research Center survey released Tuesday.

The poll found that gun owners are divided on whether gun laws should be stricter or less stringent.

About half of gun owners said they support more stringent gun laws, while 44 percent support less strict gun laws.

This is a very partisan issue.

More than six in 10 Republicans say stricter gun laws are necessary, while about four in 10 Democrats say the opposite.

This is where it gets interesting.

In general, gun owners and Republicans are evenly split on whether guns should be more or less difficult to obtain.

This gap is similar to how Republicans and Democrats are divided over whether it is a good idea to have a background check on every gun purchase.

Overall, about four out of 10 gun owners think stricter gun restrictions are necessary.

And about half of Republican gun owners say stricter restrictions are required.

But what about Democrats?

Most gun owners do not support stricter gun control at all, according the poll.

Only about one-third of Democrats favor stricter gun controls, while only one-fifth of Republicans support stricter controls.

The question of whether gun control should be tighter or less strict is also a major divide among Republicans.

More Republicans say tighter restrictions are needed than Democrats do.

This difference is similar in size to the divide that exists between Democrats and Republicans on whether it’s a good thing to require background checks on all gun sales.

More than three-quarters of Republicans, as well as a majority of Democrats, believe stricter gun-control laws are needed to prevent gun violence, but the majority of Republicans say the same about tighter gun-law restrictions.

On gun control and national security, most Americans are divided.

About four in ten Americans say the US should be stronger than it is today, while just under half of Americans think that the country needs to be stronger today.

And most Americans want to do more to prevent terrorist attacks.

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