Why are there so many active shooter games in India?

The number of active shooter game releases in India has increased dramatically since last year, when more than 10,000 were released, according to an analysis of game data by the Indian gaming company Gamestar.

The Indian government has also announced it is tightening restrictions on social media in the country.

It is the first country in the world to implement such measures, which have been criticised by civil society organisations as a “bait and switch” to appease vested interests.

Last month, Indian gaming platform Gamefly banned users from accessing Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

The ban has had a significant impact on gamers who had been able to access social media for months after Facebook removed content deemed controversial by the government.

In a statement, Gamestars CEO Vishal Sharma said the social media ban has been the result of a “lack of clarity on how these restrictions are to be enforced”.

“The new rules have made it easier for the government to implement its ban without any meaningful accountability,” Sharma added.

“There is a disconnect between the government and the gaming community, where the latter is not consulted or even consulted about the development of the game.

The lack of consultation is a major obstacle to the development and implementation of the new rules.”

In October, Gamestealth published an analysis, based on data from more than 300 active shooter video games, that said the number of such games had doubled since 2014.

Gamestarts data also showed that there were more than 1,300 active shooter events across the country in 2017, an increase of more than 500%.

India is also home to several active shooter websites.

The government has made it a crime to access such websites or use them without the authorisation of the authorities.

In April, the Supreme Court ruled that the country should allow access to social media websites.

A month later, the government made it an offence to publish online content deemed offensive to religion, race or caste.

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