Since the spring of last year neon colors are hard to miss. Suddenly they popped up everywhere you looked. In fashion, in graphics and in interior design. I thought this was going to be the kind of trend that would last only one season, but I was wrong! Neon & fluorescent colors are still a hit. With one big difference from last year though: now neon & fluor are used more as bright popping accents. And I like it a lot like this!






So, it was a lot of fun styling this photo shoot I did with Dorothy from Visagie Doro T and Anna-Marie Janssen. I hunted for white garments with a minimalistic feel, to combine with colorful accessories, while Dorothy spiced things up with flashy neon accents in the make up. I love the clean, crisp atmosphere Anna-Marie so perfectly captured.


Photography: Anna-Marie Janssen (A.K.A. Amy) | Make up: Visagie Doro T | Model: Isabelle P, Dominique Models | Styling: Noortje Emmerink

You can view behind the scenes photos on Peppermints’ Facebook page by clicking here.

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