Which shooting range in New Jersey is the safest?

NEWARK, N.J. — For many of its residents, the shooting range that sits next to the beach is synonymous with a sense of safety and belonging.

For the last four years, it has been the site of dozens of shootings, many of them gang-related, at a shooting range near the beach in Queens.

It is also home to a church shooting range.

And the shooting ranges are in the heart of the city’s downtown core, which is home to businesses, galleries, restaurants, movie theaters, and other attractions.

“It’s a very diverse community, and it’s not a community that’s easy to get into,” said Paul C. Sturgis, a professor at the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University who has studied the impact of gun violence in New York City.

“You can’t just move into a community and start shooting.

There’s a lot of rules and regulations.

And then there are gun owners who are very concerned.”

The range is the site in the city of Newark of at least four shootings since the end of November.

In December, the owner of the shooting Range Community Shooting in Camden was charged with criminal possession of a weapon after police said he was seen pointing a rifle at a man outside the range.

In February, two men were killed and nine others injured in a shooting at the Newark shooting range, including two women who died.

In November, a man who had shot and killed a friend was shot and wounded by police, but later died of his wounds.

In August, the city issued a new policy prohibiting gun ranges from having open ranges without a permit.

The new rules came after the shooting of a 20-year-old man at a church range in the borough of Brownsville in September.

The man, a black man, had fired a gun in the parking lot of the church at about 2 a.m. as he walked toward the shooting zone.

He was wounded by gunfire from an officer.

The incident was captured on video.

Two months earlier, a white man was killed and five others wounded when police opened fire on a crowd in the park where the shooting took place.

In May, two people were killed at a Brooklyn church shooting, after police shot and injured a man.

Police said the suspect was in the church when they fired at him.

The shooter was charged in the case.

The New York Daily News reported that police had been investigating the church shooting for months.

In July, the borough released an internal affairs report into the incident that found police had used excessive force in the shooting.

In October, the state Office of the Police Complaint Review Board recommended that the borough enact new rules banning open ranges in New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Vermont.

In March, the New York State Assembly passed a bill banning open range gun range licenses, and Gov.

Andrew Cuomo signed it into law.

State police said in a statement that the new rules would require that all ranges meet the standards of a designated gun range, with restrictions on where the gun range can be located and what rules are in place to prevent repeat offenders.

The bill was signed into law by Gov.

Chris Christie on Friday.

The NRA-ILA, the National Rifle Association’s gun rights advocacy arm, said the bill is necessary in light of “continued attacks by gun traffickers and gun traffickers themselves on licensed gun ranges in the United States.”

The NRA said the legislation “allows for local governments to protect their residents from further tragedies at the hands of criminals and criminals in the criminal underworld.”

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