When Will The Phoenix Shooting Ear Protection Stop?

With a recent spike in gun violence in the Phoenix metro area, a local mom says she has received plenty of requests to shoot her unborn child, but she is unsure if the ear protection will help.

In a story for Arizona Family Action, Amy Bronson says she received a number of inquiries to shoot and deliver her child, and she says she is ready to take the plunge.

“The first thing I asked myself was if this is going to save my baby,” Bronson told Arizona Family Alliance.

“And I’m not ready to just walk away from this.

I’m going to get out there and do it.”

Bronson, a mother of two, says she had her son, Austin, three years ago, when she went to her sister’s house to see if they had a babysitter for the night.

She says she immediately went to the emergency room for a concussion test.

She was told her son was too old to be in the hospital and had to be brought home.

Bronson says the hearing protection she received did not work.

“It didn’t help,” she said.

“It was like a piece of garbage.”

Bracon says she was able to go to a local doctor to get the ear plug removed, but the results were negative.

She also says she took Austin with her to the ER and was given a shot of saline solution that was only half full.

She said she was left with a lump that was almost two inches across.

“I think it is probably better to just take it off because it’s going to be a few months before you can tell,” she told Arizona’s KJZZ.

“I am not going to have that problem for another three months.”

Branson has since received several requests from people across the country to shoot their babies.

She told Arizona Families Alliance that the majority of the people who have sent her requests are concerned about the potential for ear infection.

“We’ve got a lot of mothers who are concerned because of the infection,” she explained.

“If we just give them ear drops, it’s not going for us.”

The mom has also received a few calls about the shooting ear plug.

Bronson believes the ear plugs have caused the increase in gun crime in Phoenix, and that the ear protectors should be made available to anyone who would want to shoot a child.

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