When the Boulder Shooting Suspect was a Christian: The Boulder Shooting Story

By Matt GroszAugust 12, 2018 11:06:58In October 2013, a Christian pastor named Randy James was arrested and charged with murdering a woman named Jessica Sturgis in her Boulder home.

The shooting was caught on tape and has remained an ongoing source of controversy in the United States.

The story of Sturgises murder is one of the most shocking in the country.

Sturgis was a 32-year-old mother of four who had just moved to Boulder from Texas, just months before she was to begin her first year of college.

In a bizarre coincidence, Sturgisa was also an avid mountain biker, which led her to suspect she was being followed by a strange man on a mountain bike.

When the police arrived at the scene, Sturgs mother found her body on the mountain.

Her daughter, Jessica Stress, died at the hospital after being shot in the neck.

Stress was a former member of the LDS Church who had moved to Colorado from Utah.

In the days that followed, the LDS church released a statement saying that Sturgiss had been a “devoted mother, wife, friend, and member of God’s church.”

She was also a devout member of her church, and the church later apologized for her death.

A video of the alleged attack was released in 2014.

It showed Sturgisi and a man dressed in black riding a mountain bmx bike through the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, before they were pulled over by police.

Police officers who were patrolling the area at the time say that Strupis was holding a firearm and pointed it at them as they approached.

“They asked if I was OK and if I had any weapons and I said, ‘No, nothing,'” Sturgise told the Denver Post in 2015.

“And they said, what do you mean, ‘nothing’?

And I said ‘no guns.'”

Police say that they then stopped the bike after arresting Strupisa for driving under the influence.

Sturgi was arrested in January 2018 and charged as a hate crime.

She was then charged with second-degree murder and sentenced to 20 years to life in prison.

A few days after Sturgiser’s arrest, Sturbis’ church released another statement saying, “we are deeply saddened by the senseless murder of Jessica Struggis, a beloved member of our church.”

The statement also said that Stugis “was a beloved mother, mother of three, friend and member.”

The next day, Sturlis was found dead in her bedroom, reportedly shot in a closet by her estranged husband, Scott Sturgish.

Scott Sturgist was arrested the following year on the same charges.

He was found guilty in July 2018 and was sentenced to life without parole.

A new trial was scheduled for March 2019.

That trial would not be held until 2019, and it was revealed in 2018 that Scott Streatish had been sentenced to more than 40 years in prison for the Sturgisha killing.

He had been previously sentenced to 25 years to 40 years for the murder of another Colorado woman, Melissa Ann Moulton.

The Sturgisks’ family, which had been planning to take their case to the federal government to file a civil rights lawsuit, was left with no option but to drop their lawsuit in 2019, but their case has been in limbo ever since.

Scott and Melissa Sturgisin’s attorney, Mark P. Reardon, says that the Stills’ family has been told they would not receive any justice at the federal level because they are not Christian.

“The United States of America has a history of discrimination against Christianity, and yet the Christian faith is still protected under the First Amendment and in the U.S. Constitution,” Reardon said.

“We cannot have it both ways.”

The Stusgises’ attorney, William Hochman, is also a member of a non-profit called Christian Advocates for Gun Control (CAGC), which seeks to bring attention to gun control and gun violence.

He told the Washington Post in 2018, “It’s pretty clear that this is a gun-grabber.

They’re not protecting anyone.”

Possession of a gun is a federal offense.

Under federal law, a person can be convicted of violating a federal gun law if they have “a firearm in his possession, or has a firearm in the custody of a person who has a valid gun license.”

In October of 2018, a federal judge overturned the conviction of Scott Sturlish, and reinstated the Stusgs’ case.

The judge wrote that Scott’s conviction was based on the flawed belief that Sturtis was the victim of an “unjust” police encounter, rather than that she was killed because she was Christian.

In the meantime, Scott is scheduled to be sentenced on October 23, 2019.

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