What if the NRA didn’t care about guns?

The NRA and other gun-control groups have been increasingly vocal in their opposition to efforts to curb gun violence, and gun-rights groups are increasingly worried about a potential backlash if they’re forced to address the issue in a more positive light.

That could be a problem if the National Rifle Association and other groups start promoting gun-safety measures that are more focused on gun-ownership and less about the firearms themselves.

That is the position the National Shooting Sports Foundation has taken in a statement on the National Association of Rifle Associations’ annual meeting, which begins this week in Orlando.

The NRA and its allies in Congress, including Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), are pressing for new gun-sporting restrictions that they say will help prevent the next mass shooting.

The group has been calling for gun control measures that include banning assault weapons and requiring background checks for anyone purchasing a firearm.

The group says it supports “all measures that would improve the safety of our community, and I support that.”

However, the NRA has been increasingly critical of the National Governors Association, a lobbying group that is working to promote gun-free zones and gun safety laws.

“It’s time to focus on real gun control,” said NRA president Chris Cox in a speech at the organization’s annual meeting last year.

“It’s not just about banning assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

It’s about banning straw purchases and straw buyers.

It is time to put gun control on the front burner.”

Cox’s speech, which drew applause from the crowd, was a reminder of the NRA’s past advocacy on gun safety issues.

It also echoed the view of a number of prominent gun-interest groups, which have been more vocal in recent years on the issue of gun-owning restrictions.

The National Rifle Board, for example, is now pressing for stricter gun-selling restrictions in California, which has seen a spate of mass shootings in recent months.

It has been lobbying to restrict gun purchases by people who have mental illness or who have been adjudicated as having a mental health condition.

The gun-industry group the National Federation of Independent Business, which represents a variety of business interests, has been pushing for legislation to allow more gun manufacturers to sell firearms directly to the public.

And the National Right to Farm Coalition, which lobbies for rural farmers, is pushing for laws that would allow the private market to sell agricultural products.

The list goes on and on, with a variety, including:Banning assault rifles, high-powered rifles, long-barreled rifles, and handgunsLargely ignoring concerns about mental illness and mental health conditionsIt is trying to pass bills to restrict firearm sales from people who are on the no-fly list or have mental health issuesGun-control measures that don’t include background checks or banning assault-style weaponsIt is working hard to prevent mass shootings.

It hasn’t been able to do that in the past and is working on it nowGun-safety laws that do not include banning the purchase of weapons from straw purchasersThe NRA has also been pushing its stance on gun ownership to the media.

In a 2014 speech to the NRA annual convention, NRA chief lobbyist and former White House adviser Dan Cox claimed that the NRA was working on a new policy that would address gun violence.

The White House has been mum on the NRA policy, but Cox’s comments suggest the administration is more concerned about public relations than gun safety measures.

The White House issued a statement that said the president supports efforts to reduce gun violence and is “fully supportive” of gun ownership in the U.S. But it also noted that the president “lacks confidence in any gun control legislation that does not address gun ownership.”

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