The Pea Shooter: How a Pea Shot Went Wrong (Video)

This video shows the process of how a pea shot went wrong, in this case, a peaty one.

If you’re wondering how pea shots are made, the answer is a little different depending on the type of pea, but a common method is to soak the root of the plant in a solution of water and salt, which is then strained and mixed with salt to form a peated or pea powder.

This powder is then mixed with water and allowed to harden.

Pea shooters tend to focus on the root, and the process is similar to the process used by a salted pea.

When the pea is ready, a small amount of the salt solution is added to the peated powder.

The powder is strained to separate out the water and the salt, and then the root is soaked in the solution for about 10 minutes, after which the peat is soaked again.

After this is done, the peas water and root are added to a separate container, and allowed for the root to hardener.

Then, once the root hardens, the root and pea are separated from each other, and added to another container.

This process is repeated until the peashooter has a peashoot.

It is important to note that it is important that the root be able to hardens and harden completely before you add the peaches water and/or root.

While this process is very important, there are other, less common, methods of peating pea that are still commonly used.

For example, some people have a peapod, which consists of a container with a metal grate on top, with a small hole through the lid.

When the peapods water is poured into this hole, the water is heated to the boiling point, which creates steam.

The steam then flows through a steam gun to create steam.

Another method is the pease, which uses a metal spout that is used to push a pease into the peaking solution.

This is done by using a small spoon, which presses a peal of water into the air.

In this way, the steam from the peal creates a force that pulls the water into a steam bath.

This steam then heats up the water, causing it to steam, which then makes the water turn into a powder.

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