Police shooting statistics: Police killings by city, state, and country

Police shooting stats are based on information from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) database.

To find out which state has the most shooting victims per 100,000 people in a given year, we look at each state’s overall homicide rate and its percentage of those who have been shot.

The following is a summary of the most recent shooting data available for each state.

The data is in percent, with states’ percentages in parentheses.

The percentage of shooting victims in each state is given in percent.

The state with the lowest percent of shooting deaths is Alabama, which has a population of 1.36 million people.

The chart below shows the rate of shooting victimizations per 100 in each year, per 100.5 million people, since the FBI started keeping data in 1992.

The UCR has been the standard source for determining which states are most and least likely to have homicide rates that exceed national averages.

States are grouped according to the percent of people who have died from homicide each year.

This is the chart that we use for comparing the percentage of homicide victims in which the rate exceeds the national average.

In 2017, for example, the state with a rate of 1 percent was Louisiana, followed by Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia.

The states with the highest rates of shooting fatalities per 100 people each year are California, Colorado, Florida, Texas, and Washington, followed closely by the states with lower rates of victimization per 100 population.

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