New evidence from Australia shows the number of people killed by the SA Government’s SA Police is far higher than reported

Updated February 06, 2020 12:59:51In the latest round of media speculation, the South Australian government has released data showing the number killed by SA Police during the past two years.

According to data provided to the ABC by the Australian Crime Commission, the number fell by over a thousand during the period.

While the numbers are low compared to the previous year, the decline in numbers in 2017 is not necessarily due to the police not being on duty.

The new data also reveals that the number has remained relatively stable throughout the year, despite the government’s insistence that the SA Police had fallen victim to a “misdemeanour or incompetence”.

The numbers released by the ABC come after SA Police Commissioner Michael Vella told a Senate inquiry earlier this month that the state’s crime rates were not at record levels.

“I can’t say it’s unprecedented in SA or that the rate of crime is anywhere near record levels,” Mr Vella said.

In an interview with the ABC’s 7.30 program, Mr Valla said that SA Police were “doing an amazing job” in dealing with violent crime and he said he had been pleased with the way the force dealt with it.

However, the data also shows that the police were “not doing an excellent job” of keeping the peace.

More than a thousand SA Police officers have died in the line of duty during the last two years, according to data supplied to the Australian Government by the AFP.

An SA Police spokesperson told the ABC that the data released by Mr Villeas office was an “updated estimate” of what SA Police have been doing during that period.

“These figures are not an absolute record,” the spokesperson said.

“But, as part of our regular assessment, we update our reporting on a quarterly basis and update the data on a weekly basis to make sure the information is accurate and up to date.

There are a number of factors that go into this data, including how many officers are in the force and how many incidents are being reported.”

The data we have is an update of the latest information from SA Police in relation to the number and nature of incidents reported to the AFP in the year to the end of March 2019.

“The data released last week also reveals the number who were killed by police during the previous three months.

On the latest count, the SA police killed between 6,000 and 6,600 people, a figure which fell from about 8,000 the previous two months.

The figures also show the number that were killed in a vehicle by police fell by about a thousand.

It comes after a South Australian Senator on Thursday accused the SA government of deliberately exaggerating the number murdered by police.

A spokesperson for Senator Mike Nahan told the media the figures were “the most comprehensive estimate yet of the number police officers have been killed by guns and knives since 2009”.

Senator Nahan has previously accused the government of misleading the public by not releasing figures on police killings.

He said the figures released by police indicated that police were dealing with a “very high level of violence” and that the figure of 6,800 killed by firearms in 2016 was “quite a bit” higher than the figure for the previous 12 months.”

It is concerning that a number like 6,700 officers have lost their lives in SA since 2010,” Senator Nahan said.

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