Hey guys! I’m so sorry for my absence of the past three weeks. I hardly got any work done on my computer, let alone spend time on the Internet… Life is a bit hectic at the moment (but fun!!). First of all I’m very excited about my new job – which I started only 3 weeks ago - as a girls clothing designer. I’m so happy to be designing collections again and being part of a team. This new job is really giving me a lot of positive energy, but it also requires a lot of me at the same time, to be honest. I’m sure this will get better in a few more weeks, when I’m more accustomed to the new environment & responsibilities.


Of course my husband & I are also still doing some chores in & around our new house and with my new job this is more or less coming down to the weekends now. Nevertheless, with the lovely weather, we are really enjoying our garden too, and we keep telling each other how happy we are with our decision to move out of the city to a greener environment.


At work: painting this wooden floor white & sewing Mr. Monster dolls

Besides all this I’ve been really busy making products to sell at the Markt van Morgen. If you’re following me on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve read all about it. If you haven’t, you can view more photos here!


I wrote my first guest blog, which was really fun to do. I was honoured to be asked for it by Deepa Paul. If you’re ever in Antwerp and want to know about a great place for breakfast or lunch, you should definitely read all about it on the lovely blog Currystrumpet.


Jam in Antwerp - for breakfast, lunch & pie

And last but not least, yesterday I had another wonderful creative day with make up artist Doro T & photographer Amy Janssen (a.k.a. Anna-Marie). We worked together on a fun & edgy fashion photoshoot, for which I did the styling part. I will show you the results very soon! I already know it’s going to look awesome!


Behind the scenes – fashion photoshoot with Amy Janssen & Doro T

I’ll be honest with you. I can’t promise I’ll be posting a whole lot for the time to come. Right now there’s just too much stuff going on in my life and I simply can’t do it all… But I’ll make sure to keep you posted! I do have one great post scheduled for this week though: it’s going to be a lovely photo post of beautiful wooden furniture…


Next week, Sunday May 12th,  I’ll be at the Markt van Morgen in Antwerp again, selling my Mr. Monster, Ms. Doll and Peppermint postcards. Have a lovely week!

Ciao! xxx

all photos by Noortje Emmerink, Peppermint
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