How to stop a Brooklyn shooting from happening again

The New York City Police Department is using a program designed to keep guns out of the hands of people with mental health issues to try to prevent another tragedy like the one in Brooklyn.

The program, called Crisis Intervention Team, has been in use since March.

It’s a collaborative effort between the NYPD, the Department of Mental Health, and community groups, including the Brooklyn Youth Commission.

The program is designed to help identify and help prevent people who have been deemed mentally ill or in crisis from getting a gun.

The goal is to help keep guns away from people with the mental health conditions that would lead them to carry a gun and then shoot.

The NYPD and the department’s Mental Health Unit have been using Crisis Intervention Teams to address people with a mental health condition.

It began in May after the July 14 shooting at a party in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

There were 15 people injured.

The New York Times reports that the NYPD has also been working with the Brooklyn Community College Mental Health Services to help students who have a mental illness or substance abuse issue.

The NYPD and the community groups that work with the program have been able to identify a large number of people who had mental health problems in recent months, including one man who was on probation for violating the terms of his probation.

But there are still others who have not been identified.

The goal is, “to identify and intervene with people with any of these [mental health] conditions, and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing,” said Detective Michael DeSimone, who leads the Crisis Intervention Unit.

The NYPD has had more than 1,300 people with an illness identified and helped by the program.

This is a huge number.

The NYC Council is considering a bill to provide funding to the NYPD to help address the mental illness and substance abuse crises.

The city is asking the federal government for $3.7 billion to address mental health and substance use issues in the next five years.

The Crisis Intervention team works with mental-health professionals and community members to identify and assist people who are on the verge of having a mental or substance-use disorder, DeSimon said.

If someone is in crisis, they’re told to get help.

They are not given a choice.

They have to make a decision and make that choice at a time, and they can’t do it until they’re ready.

They have to come to terms with that decision.

If they can, we try to help them get treatment and help them make the decision to take action,” he said.

In a city where there is a shortage of mental- health providers, the program has been a huge success.

In a survey by the NYCLU, the majority of people surveyed said they felt safer in the hands they have when they go to the hospital.

One of the questions asked by the NYPD was “What should we do if someone has a mental condition and they come to the police department?”

More than 40 percent of the people surveyed in the survey said they were confident they would be treated well by police officers if they were able to get through the crisis.

The NYCLV says it is hoping that these kinds of events, where people with conditions like this are in the system, will lead to more people getting help and getting out of crisis.

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