How to shoot an Asian-American student at Ohio State University

You might think shooting an Asian student at your school would be a pain in the ass, but you would be wrong.

This time, a high school senior at Ohio’s Columbus High School was forced to kill himself after his school’s school safety coordinator asked him to do so.

It was a horrifying scene, and a chilling example of the dangerous lengths some schools are willing to go to in order to keep their students safe.

According to reports, the incident took place at the school on February 10, with the student reportedly shooting himself in the chest.

The shooter reportedly was upset about being called “white trash” by a male classmate and was reportedly trying to get rid of him, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

After the incident, he reportedly said to himself, “I am going to kill myself.”

The Columbus Dispatch reported that the boy was on his way to the school’s basketball court when he noticed the other students were shooting.

He reportedly approached one of them and shot him.

According to reports by the Columbus Police Department, he told them that he felt like he was being called a “white garbage” and “white nigger.”

“He was not talking about his ethnicity, his race, his religion, his sexual orientation,” a police report states.

“He was just talking about shooting the other person.”

The police report continues:The students told the police that the student had asked the white male classmate to call him “white shit,” which he said he would.

The report states that when the student asked the other boys to call the other student “white,” they were “not listening.”

The boy then walked away and told another student, who later called 911, to call his parents.

According a police statement, the student told the school safety officer that he was not going to call anyone else names because he felt he was going to die.

According the police report, the boy told the officer he felt so much pain that he would “be killing himself.”

According to the Dispatch, the other high school students did not believe the report and did not follow through with their threat.

The other high schools safety officer called 911 and the student was taken to the hospital.

According, he is in stable condition.

The boy is being held at a hospital on $500,000 bond.

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