How to Get to Your Favorite TV Shows on Netflix with the Help of a Podcast

A podcast can help you stay on top of your favorite shows, including The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Gotham.

But for some shows, there are only a few episodes left to catch, and it can take a while to find them.

In this episode, I’ll share tips on how to get the best episodes of shows you love on Netflix, and I’ll help you find the best podcasting platforms for finding them.


Download the Podcast app for free on your computer and mobile device and open up the podcast app on your iOS device.


Download and install the Netflix app for iOS.


Tap the Podcast tab and select the podcast you want to listen to. 4.

Select the show you want in the Podcast search bar.


Enter the show title in the search field.


Enter an episode number for each episode in the Search field.

For example, if you’re looking for the first three episodes of Arrow, you would enter “1” in the Episode search field, and for the fifth episode of Gotham, you’d enter “6”.


When you’re finished searching for a podcast, tap the Podcast icon in the upper right corner of the podcast player.


A list of your podcast episodes will show up in the top right corner.


Select an episode in your queue and start listening to it. 10.

When your favorite episode is finished, tap to play.


When the episode ends, you’ll see the last episode in which you were in the queue.


Tap to pause the episode.


Once you finish listening to your favorite podcast, just tap the ‘Next’ button in the toolbar to finish the podcast.


When done listening to the podcast, simply click ‘Stop’ to close the podcast and go back to your usual routine.


To listen to other podcasts, simply open up your favourite podcast app and tap the podcast icon in your toolbar.


From there, you can add the podcast to your favorites list by selecting it and tapping the ‘Add to Favorites’ button.


If you don’t have an episode of a podcast that you want, just create a new podcast.

If your favorite show is not in the list, tap ‘Next’.


The new podcast will be added to your podcast queue and can be listened to while you’re working.


You can also just tap a link in the podcast in order to start listening.


Once the podcast is finished listening, just click the ‘Close’ button to close out the podcast session.


You’ll now be back to watching your favorite episodes.


To delete a podcast episode, simply tap the episode’s name in the sidebar.


To subscribe to a podcast show, just select the show in the menu bar and tap ‘Subscribe’.


To skip to a specific episode, tap that episode’s title in your podcast player to skip to that episode.

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