How to fix our police problem in France

The French government’s attempt to end the country’s longstanding civil war and build a “safer, more just” France could mean the end of decades of bloodshed in Paris.

While the warring factions of the country were at a stalemate, the French state maintained a powerful presence in the city.

The military took over from the French Republic after World War II and has been the key force of the state in maintaining order in Paris since the 1960s.

President Emmanuel Macron has promised to move the country away from its long history of violence and terrorism, including the 1994 attacks on the Stade de France.

He said he wants to end a “crisis” of impunity that is causing “great damage” to Paris, where a number of the worst terrorist attacks have taken place.

The violence has continued despite the president’s call to end it.

On Sunday, a gunman opened fire on a crowd in the Stades de France, killing four people, including three policemen.

The suspect was shot dead by police, and the city was placed under lockdown for several hours as a precaution.

In a televised address Sunday night, Macron said the country must find a way to “restore the balance” between state and society.

He said the military was working on the plan, which he called “a big step forward.”

“The violence is no longer the main problem,” Macron said, “it has to be treated with great care.

It must be dealt with.

The state has to help the state, and it has to work with the state.

And the state must respect the state.”

In a television address Sunday, Macron called on the public to “be patient” and “respect the state’s power.”

He said the state was “trying to restore balance” and that the military would continue to be “a part of the solution.”

Macron also promised to continue fighting terrorism.

He promised to create a new security agency to help guard the country against new attacks.

Macrons new plan is “very significant,” said Emmanuelle Reines, a researcher at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

“This is not a new thing.

It is part of Macron’s strategy.

The president also said the army and police would be given “more authority” to carry out police operations, a statement that will not please some of his opponents.”

He’s not doing it by the sword, he’s doing it in a way that he sees as politically necessary, in the hope that his supporters will support him.”

The president also said the army and police would be given “more authority” to carry out police operations, a statement that will not please some of his opponents.

The army is a “military institution, it’s a state institution,” said Le Pen.

“It’s not the state apparatus.

I do not believe the French army will be the one that will solve the problems in Paris.”

Macron has previously called for the army to carry more of the policing responsibility, but he is expected to change his mind.

“The military is not capable of this, and I am afraid it is,” said Reines.

Paris was placed on a state of emergency in October for weeks following the Paris attacks, which killed 129 people and wounded more than 350 others.

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