How to find the most haunted towns in the U.S.

Breonna Taylor’s death in the Nevada desert sparked an intense search for the haunted town where she lived and worked.

Her killer was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, but the case is still being investigated.

As a result, her death and the search for her killer have left a trail of questions and a lot of unanswered questions.

“We’re still looking for her,” said Mike Eberhart, the chief investigator for the Nevada Bureau of Investigation (NVBI).

“We’ve got more than a thousand tips that we’re getting.”

The case began when Taylor, a 22-year-old employee of the Las Vegas-based Las Vegas Sun, disappeared in August 2015, a week after going out for a date with her boyfriend.

Her body was found near a remote highway in the desert in October 2016.

Her boyfriend, Kyle Goss, was sentenced to death, but was released after the court ordered him to serve a minimum of 25 years.

The case prompted the release of a new video showing a man in an orange jumpsuit carrying a rifle and shooting Taylor’s body in a vacant lot near the Las Vegans home.

Goss later confessed to the killing and was sentenced last month to life.

“It’s a case that will take us years to fully unravel,” Eberheart said.

“There’s no doubt it will take time, but we’ll make it work.”

The FBI said in a press release that its agents have spent the past two years gathering evidence and interviewing hundreds of people, as well as reviewing hundreds of pages of court documents.

They’ve found no new leads and no suspects, Eberhard said.

Taylor’s case has led investigators to the towns of Las Vegas and Bountiful, Idaho, where they have searched for a mysterious woman who disappeared in the late 1980s.

Her name was Breonna Taylor and she had worked as a journalist and was killed there in 1992.

Authorities say that her killer is still at large, and they have interviewed dozens of people and gathered hundreds of hours of video footage.

“She’s still missing, and we still have the video,” Ebershield said.

The FBI has also interviewed dozens more people, but they’ve yet to find any leads.

“The FBI has never, never, had any leads,” Emberhart said.

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