How to find out if a person is a member of a pro-Trump organization

The National Rifle Association is fighting back against a petition that accuses it of violating the constitutional rights of gun owners by not letting its members register to vote.

The petition, signed by more than 2.7 million people, says the NRA’s election-related website,, does not provide information about the organization’s membership, and that it has not registered any voters.

But the NRA said in a statement that the website provides a complete list of membership, including whether someone is a registered NRA member or not.

“We do not make it a requirement for anyone to register to participate in our programs, but the NRA does not believe that the site does a sufficient job of communicating information about its members to the public,” the statement said.

The NRA said it’s working with the federal election commission to address the problem.

“The NRA is committed to making the registration process as easy as possible for all of our members, and the process is now in the process of being streamlined and rolled out across our network,” said David Kopel, executive director of the NRA Foundation, in a separate statement.

The website allows gun owners to “sign up and get involved in the NRA” without having to register with the organization.

But a few days ago, the NRA began a major effort to make the registration site more accessible.

“NRA-ILA, the National Association of Manufacturers and the NRA are working together to create a unified website that includes more information on the NRA and how to get involved with the NRA,” the NRA wrote on Twitter on Monday.

“As we work to improve the website, we appreciate your patience while we work on addressing this issue.”

The NRA’s registration website.

NRA-ILA/Facebook The website also requires gun owners in Minnesota to complete a short questionnaire about their voting history and their membership.

If they are members, the website will ask if they have ever voted, and if they do, if they’re a member who wants to register.

The questionnaire asks: “How old are you?”

“How many years have you been a member?”

“Are you a registered member?”

If a member is not a registered individual, the site will ask whether they would like to register as a “pre-registered” member, or as an “unregistered” person.

If the answer to both questions is yes, they will be allowed to register, even if they aren’t registered.

In addition, the question asks if they “have ever participated in an NRA-sponsored activity” and “did not vote.”

The website has a list of other information about registered members, including their addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses and email addresses.

But Kopel said the NRA has not taken steps to remove the question that asked about membership.

“I can’t imagine why we would want to do that, because that’s part of the way we are supposed to get information from our members,” Kopel told CNN.

The group is also fighting back by putting up billboards in the Twin Cities area, and on Tuesday, the group will host an NRA forum in Atlanta.

“If you’re a registered voter in Minnesota, please contact your local state office of elections to ask if you’re eligible to register and get your voter registration updated,” the organization said in an emailed statement.

“It’s a simple process, and it’s important that we know our members are registered.”

The petition against the NRA site has generated over 2.8 million signatures so far, according to the petition’s site.

The state of Minnesota will take up the matter on July 6.

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