How the Yalla shooting killed more than 20 people in India’s Yalla district

India’s most violent district, the Yala in West Bengal, saw two separate mass shootings over the weekend, killing more than 200 people.

The Yalla is a densely populated area in the state of West Bengal and its residents have long faced problems with drug-related violence.

It is one of India’s poorest and most violent districts, with a high murder rate.

The first shooting happened on Saturday, when a young man allegedly shot and killed a woman and two children at his home.

Police said that the suspect then fled the scene.

The second shooting took place on Sunday, when two men allegedly fired shots into a group of people gathered to celebrate a wedding.

One of the victims was hit in the arm and another was shot in the leg, and both were rushed to a nearby hospital, police said.

Both shootings took place in Yalla, a village just outside the capital, New Delhi.

Police have arrested the two suspects.

On Sunday, another young man was reportedly shot in a busy street in the same village.

Police are also searching for the two men who shot the woman and children.

“This is an incident that was planned and premeditated,” West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Sunday.

“These people have no business to shoot people.”

Police are trying to find the two perpetrators of the latest mass shooting.

The government is working to set up a committee to investigate the incidents and establish a mechanism for dealing with any problems.

“The state government has put in place a task force to look into the situation, but we will not give any details till the investigation is over,” Banerjee said.

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