How the shooting in Boudoir Photo Shoot sparked a social media craze

A photo shoot at the home of the gunman who killed six people in the Port Angeles neighborhood of Port Angeles, California, last month sparked a viral craze.

The incident occurred on October 3, when a gunman who police described as a white man with a shaved head and glasses burst into the home in the Boudyhurst neighborhood.

The gunman reportedly fired multiple shots, wounding two people inside and killing three people outside.

The shooter was described as “white” and 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Police described him as a middle-aged man with short, dark hair and a beard.

Police have released a composite sketch of the suspect, but not the names.

The sketch includes several details, including the suspect’s height and weight.

According to police, the suspect also had a “short, dark beard,” and was wearing a black and blue shirt and black pants.

He is described as having a “black, short-sleeve shirt, black pants and black shoes,” according to police.

A photo of the man was circulated on social media on October 10.

It was taken by a family member.

The family member posted the image on Instagram.

Another photo, taken by another family member, showed the suspect wearing a red and white jacket, matching the description.

Another image, also taken by the family member and shared on social, shows the suspect with a white shirt, matching his description.

A third image, shared by the same family member on Twitter, showed him wearing a white hat, matching that description.

Police believe the gunman was the same man they identified in a separate incident in the area on October 5.

The suspect was identified as the same suspect who was shot dead by police in the incident.

Police said the shooter was not in custody and the investigation is ongoing.

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