How glendale gunman Mark Wahlberg shot himself in the leg before shooting himself in his head

The shooter who opened fire on the packed club in Los Angeles, killing nine people and wounding 12 others on Sunday night, had a history of mental illness, a former girlfriend and a psychologist have revealed.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the 26-year-old had a mental health history but said he was not a threat to anyone.

The former girlfriend of the gunman, a California-born Canadian, told ABC News that the man had been in mental health problems since his teens.

She said the man was “very aggressive” and told her he “had a history with mental illness” and “tried to kill himself”.

“I was just trying to protect him and make sure he wasn’t doing anything else, and that’s what I did, she said.”

I said ‘No you can’t do that.

You can’t be that aggressive.

You need to go home, I will get you help’.

“He was very aggressive and he tried to kill me.”

She said that when she first tried to intervene, she feared for her safety and was told by the man to ‘get out of my face’.

She said she felt helpless and scared and tried to make it clear that she was his girlfriend, not his boss, she told ABC.

“He didn’t listen.

I was scared of what was going to happen to me,” she said, adding that she feared that she might lose her job as a receptionist for the man if she tried to tell him he had been fired from his job at a local film studio.

The man has not been charged.

The girlfriend of a former boyfriend of the suspect, a Los Angeles-based actor and model, told The Associated Press that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and had “multiple issues”.

“He started showing symptoms of schizophrenia and had been on medication for about a year and a half, she added.

The woman told the AP that the gunman was “really a guy with a lot of anger issues”, and said he would have had trouble controlling himself and was a danger to himself and others.”

When I first saw him, he was very agitated, screaming and shouting and he was really angry, he had no regard for people,” she told the Associated Press.”

There were things that were very troubling to me about him.

“The Associated Press has also obtained a police report of the shooting which said that the suspect’s girlfriend was not at the club when the shooting occurred.

It is unclear whether the shooting was an act of terrorism.”

It’s unclear whether this was an active shooter situation or a disgruntled former girlfriend that came to a confrontation with a shooter,” the AP reported.

The Associated States Bureau of Investigation said that it was assisting the FBI in its investigation.

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