Last weekend I was at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. I was there to attend the Meet the Bloggers event (more on this event coming up in my next post!). I arrived early, so I took the opportunity to wander about the hotel a bit. I was happy I had some extra time to feast my eyes, because the hotel is gorgeous and it also holds a few beautiful shops.






I was taking photographs when the lovely people of Bonebakker Juweliers asked me if I wanted to have a look inside their shop. They showed me this beautiful shop in shop area, called the Jewellery Theatre, which is used by Maxim Voznesensky this time. It holds a beautiful cabinet which on it’s own already is a unique window to showcase jewellery. But on top of that this cabinet is placed inside a room, which is designed especially to make the fine pieces of jewellery come alive and act out a role as if they are the main characters in a theatre play. When you step into this room, you step into a unique atmosphere. True theatrical pieces are played out on large and small stages.  If you take a piece out of the closet to try it on or to take a closer look, the colored LED lighting in this room automatically adjusts its color so that it compliments the piece of jewellery in the best way possible. There is only one other shop in shop area like this in the world, which is to be found at Harrods, London.





 photos: Noortje Emmerink, Mintstudio Creations

I think creating such a unique atmosphere makes you as a consumer feel even more as if you have just seen - or if you are among the few lucky ones, bought - something very extraordinary.  It really adds something extra special to the whole experience you have as a consumer, or even just as a spectator. What do you think?


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