The last 3 weeks have been nothing but packing, cleaning, sandpapering, painting & wallpapering at our new house and I must say I’m pretty happy the end is near. Not that the house is totally finished now - not by far. But after this weekend it will be ready enough for us to move our things there and make it our home. I know 3 weeks isn’t a whole lot, but still I have been struggling with balancing working at our new house and taking care of this precious blog & my own personal tasks. I just find it so hard to stop working at the house when I see the pile of work that needs to be done. I can’t stand the mess! The neat freak in me wants to finish everything as quickly & as perfectly as possible. Sometimes I just need to sit down & relax to realize that we have accomplished a lot already in this short period of time and that we will have plenty of time to finish our house once we moved in. Note to self:

it is impossible & not necessary to have the whole house finished before the move!

Yesterday, it dawned on me that blogging is just as much “a job” as working for a boss is and that I simply can not neglect it the way I have lately. So, I will do my best to follow my regular schedule from next week and not pass up this blog & you beloved readers as much I have the past weeks! I can assure you, I’m looking forward to it! :)


graphical versus natural – black & white – grey – navy - wood: what’s not to love?!

This gorgeous image is on our living room mood board. It’s an inspiration to me for the colors, patterns & textures. I love everything about it! Hopefully our home will have the same atmosphere as this photo once it’s finished. I will keep you updated!

{photo: by ink and spindle}

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