As promised, here it is, my report on the Meet the Blogger event of  June 9th, including some great insider tips for bloggers!


When I signed up to attend the meeting at the beginning of March , I had just started my blog. Actually, I had only arranged a domain name for my website, chosen a web host and after hours of browsing through countless websites, finally selected a visual “theme” which I would use as a template for my website. I think I was just trying out the different lay outs of my website: these posts are still on the blog! To figure out where to start and HOW to start took me quite some time and a lot of searching and reading on the Internet. I figured I could definitely use some help with the next steps, so I signed up for the event. But I also found that after three months of experimenting, trying, giving up and trying again I now actually have a blog up & running and it gets easier with every post. There is hope for everyone!! But still, I’m definitely a beginner, so I was really looking forward to getting advice from the pros at Meet the Blogger!

Frida Ramstedt / Trendenser

Frida Ramstedt, creator of the Swedish interior design blog Trendenser was the keynote speaker and her story was very inspiring to me. Take these wise words, for instance:

Don’t focus on what you can do today, focus on what you want to be able to do tomorrow

She is the most well known interior blogger of Sweden and probably even of Scandinavia. She started her blog during her business studies in 2005, but at the same time took on a business approach on how to actually make money from her blog. And let’s be honest fellow bloggers, don’t we all dream of just that? The most important thing I took from her lecture was that if you want to achieve things through your blog, you have to approach people & companies yourself and simply ask for them!

I think we all have this romantic idea about how someone starts a blog, writing purely about the things they love and BOOM, out of nowhere, they are suddenly featured in magazines & approached by advertisers. But IF this is what you envision for your blog, you have to go get it yourself! It won’t come to you – most of the time though, there are exceptions off course.

As simple as this may sound, it was an eyeopener to me. I’m not sure yet if this even is what I want for my blog, but I do know for sure now, that if at some point in the future I would like to make a living out of a blog, I’d have to take on another attitude & approach! For starters, I’d have to make some choices here… EEEK..! – not my strongest quality… Because this was one of her other advices:

Become an expert within the focus area of your blog

Right now I blog about anything & everything I like, so that’s not really the way to go, I guess. Yeah well…

First things first: to become an expert on the technical side of blogging, because I still haven’t quite mastered this yet, I’m affraid.


Check out the photo gallery for more of her inspirational advice!

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photos: Noortje Emmerink, Mintstudio Creations

Pippa Jameson / Pippa Jameson Interiors

The blog-styling lecture hosted by Pippa Jameson of the Pippa Jameson Interiors blog was also very interesting. She had some great advice on working with other junior photographers when doing photo shoots. For them it’s a great way to build their portfolio plus they get exposure on the Internet via your blog. With photographs it’s important that the picture tells the story and we learned that bright, high contrast images are very appealing to most people. She also told us that a great way to get your readers to interact with you is to end a blog post with a question, instead of only telling your story.


Pippa interacted with the audience a lot and we came to this conclusion:

Readers are very interested in the person & the story behind the blog

So get as personal as you feel comfortable doing. A few people in the audience could confirm they get more views and reactions after posting a photo of their baby as opposed to a well styled photo shoot which demanded hours of work. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Another great insight was that readers love “behind the scene” stories & photos. They want to see what it takes to get to the photograph you post on your blog.

Yvonne Eijkenduijn / Yvestown

Lastly Yvonne Eijkenduijn from The Yvestown Blog showed us how she would style & photograph a product for a sponsored post. To get sponsored items she advised us simply to not be shy and ask for the product of your liking! Send an email - including your webstats & motivation - to the company of your choice. But the most important thing is this:

Make the sponsored product match the style & identity of your blog: make it yours!

I’ve met some lovely people during the day and I went home with a lot of information to process and consider. Most importantly I went home feeling inspired & motivated to carry on with my blog! Hopefully someone else can find some help in the tips I’ve summed up, as I have found help on the Internet before, starting this whole adventure.


After all, life is about sharing, right?!



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