A while back I visited Madrid for the first time with my two girls Claudia & Floor. Floor lives in the south of Spain (she speaks Spanish fluently - what keeps amazing me every time I hear her speak it) and Claudia lives in The Netherlands, and we decided to meet up in Madrid. I’m a fan of Barcelona & Malaga already, so I was very curious to see what Madrid has to offer. These three cities all have their own unique atmosphere, but in a way you can compare Barcelona & Madrid to one another, because they both offer a wide range of beautiful shops, great restaurants & a lot of culture. Having said that, the vibe in each city is totally different. Madrid – to me - came across like a true metropolis compared to Barcelona & Malaga. It’s got a lively and vibrant buzz going on and this city comes even more to live at night. It’s the perfect destination for a city trip, especially one with girlfriends!



This photo is taken at my favorite neighborhood of Madrid: Chueca. It’s known as the gay district and it is the hippest part of Madrid. During the day this is where you need to be for shopping, but there are also some interesting art galleries to visit. At night this is where the most extravagant parties take place.



A great place for a quick snack or a complete meal: Mercado San Antón, located in Chueca. You can pick small bites at various stands. Everything is freshly made. If you choose to eat here, you should definitely pick a seat on the roof terrace!




Vintage shopping at the El Rastro market on Sunday mornings. This is an extremely large outdoor flea market with antiques, clothes & to be honest, a lot of junk too. But there are some great vintage shops to be found as well. For example Vintage 4P, or Reno. I still regret not buying the silver candle holder…



The impressive Almudena Cathedral.



Madrid’s largest shopping district: Gran Vía.



A great place to relax by lying on the grass or floating away for a bit in a rowing boat: the beautiful Park Retiro.


all photos: Noortje Emmerink, Mintstudio Creations

And off course some classic tourist photos as well… :)



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