There’s this great shop called Loods 5 in The Netherlands where I went last weekend. The concept of Loods 5 is kind of like a shop in shop: brands and/or companies rent an area and arrange & furnish it themselves.
They offer a broad variety of (designer)brands and the styling is always right on top of the latest trends. My husband & I went to get some inspiration & ideas. We got plenty!


added to my wish list: black & white polka dot plaid
( oh - hello there!) copper shades: definitely on the wish list!
ombre file organizer
vintage heaven
photos: Noortje Emmerink, Mintstudio Creations
beautiful storage boxes. and look at those glasses! the shape of a plastic cup on a raised sole. brilliant!

The Danish brand Hay – from the file organizer and the boxes above - is absolutely one of my favorite accessory & textile brands at the moment. They use beautiful colors & patterns. Have a look at more of their products here.


Do you have any suggestions for inspiring interior design shops?

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