Last week I visited this large garden center, armed with a gift certificate which I got for my brithday, and a Christmas donation. So far so good. I was ready to buy plants for the whole house, but I returned home with just one…which ended up in the bathroom… I find it so hard to choose plants!


1. Old Faithful Shop via Pinterest / 2. via / 3. via Pinterest / 4. by Wit & Whistle

On one hand I think plants add warmth to your home, but on the other hand they can seem so…old…  I just didn’t have a clue what to buy, once I was at the store. I thought I would find enough inspiration in the stores displays, because they do this very well at Intratuin, but I got overwhelmed whith all of the different kinds & shapes. I was experiencing a brain stimulus overload of plants, haha! Wasn’t prepared for that… Anyway, that made me unable to make decisions at that moment.


hanging plants
1. by Skinny laMinx / 2. by Shelterness / 3. by peeches + keen / 4. by Kelly Lampb

I decided to return home and look for some fun ideas first. I was determined to find fresh, modern examples, to add a little green to our house, and this is the result of my search. Next time I’ll go back prepared, ha! ;)

I hope that maybe you can find some inspiration in these photos as well. If you are interested in how I incorporated these ideas into our home, keep an eye on this blog, because I will post photos of it once I’m done.


colored pots
1. by Jonathan Adler / 2. from Sprout Home / 3. by The Proper Pinwheel / 4. via Homes

I’m very curious to hear your thoughts on indoor plants. Do you have any plants yourself? And do you have favorites, maybe? Please do tell!



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