I think this rainy day is the perfect day to look back on my sunny trip to Florence last summer. I already told you how I fell head over heels in love with Tuscany this year. Florence was one of the absolute high lights of our trip. It has a little bit of everything, or actually a whole lot of culture, beautiful shops, delicious food & breathtaking views. I’m telling you, Florence will not let you down!



On the left the gorgeous Dome. Unfortunately we didn’t see it on the inside, because the queue was way too long. If you want to visit Il Duomo you should go as early as you can.



The best iced cappuccino we drank at Chiaroscuro, which is also a great address for “aperitivo”. This is a nice way of tasting different kinds of small appetizers, but it can even be your meal if you’re not a big eater. Italians have aperitivo after work and before they have their main course. If you order wine or a cocktail you can grab a bite with it (for free). Often the whole bar functions as a display for all kinds of yummy bites. And you should definitely also try the ice cream of Grom!



Florence is full of cute little shops with the most beautiful stationery, diaries & notebooks.



Shopping at Bottega Quattro & ottod’Ame.



On the right: Marilyn Monroe exhibition at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo. The shoes alone were enough reason to have a look inside though!


all photos: Noortje Emmerink, Mintstudio Creations

Seriously, the BEST meal we EVER had was at trattoria / osteria Zá-Zá! Thanks to a tip of my friend Mischa (thanks again, Mies!). Make sure to book a table in advance if you plan on going to eat here!




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