The ones amongst you who are interested in photography might have heard about this phenomenon a long time ago: cinemagraphs, invented & developed by photographer Jamie Beck & animator Kevin Burg (now husband & wife). Otherwise described as “moving photos”, or animated GIF’s. They cover the area between photos & videos, as they are still photographs in which a minor, re­peated movement occurs. I have experimented with an animated GIF once myself, just for the fun of it (click here), but obviously these cinemagraphs are of a whole other caliber! I’m absolutely mesmerised by them.






       Not sure if I should tell you this, but the only thing that comes to my mind when seeing these shoes, is: …haaaaa-lle-lu-jah…. ;)
       all images by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

Whether it’s hair or clothing hit by a slight breeze or dangling jewelry swaying back & forth, the calculated action serves a purpose in adding to the mood & aesthetic. This is how Kevin & Jamie describe their cinemagraphs themselves: ”A Cinemagraph is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced & preserved endlessly.” View more cinemagraphs on their website, or on Jamie Becks’ blog From Me To You.




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