Ta daa…! ;)

These are my new business cards. Thought it would be nice to share these photos with you! If I could, I would do a little bit of fine tuning here & there. I guess that’s the downside of ordering cards online: you don’t get an approval sample before you place the order. So it is what it is… But overall I’m quite happy with them! I’m actually thinking about adjusting the design of my blog header to match it more with the design of the cards.




 photos: Noortje Emmerink, Mintstudio Creations

I added little triangles of Japanese washi tape (masking tape) in different colors & patterns for a fun little extra. On top of that I sewed a single stitching line.


I love to discover fun, creative business card designs and obviously at the Meet the Blogger event I had the opportunity to collect some, while meeting new people. (You can read all about this event here) Here’s a small selection:

 { I love eco / Velvetine / Diversitijd / Wikki / AestheticYou / 30s Magazine }

Now, about the header at the top of this page: do you think I should adjust the little triangles into fewer, larger triangles as shown on my business cards? I would love to hear your thoughts on this!



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