You know I’m into making stuffed animals. I really love the plush animals which are actually a little bit ugly looking, especially for boys. I sketched some plush monsters a little while ago and recently I finally made one. It was for the birthday of my sweet nephew Jayvin. His parents wanted to buy him a gaming computer and they asked everybody to chip in.

Instead of putting the money in an envelope, I folded a little bow tie out of paper money and sewed it onto this little fellow. I figured that this way my nephew would still actually have a present to open. But on his birthday party he was so happy bouncing up & down on his brand new trampoline, I’m sure he wouldn’t even have minded if I just handed his parents an envelope, instead of disturbing him during the practise of his jumping skills! ;-D 

photos: Noortje Emmerink, Mintstudio Creations
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