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photos: Noortje Emmerink, Mintstudio Creations


So, here we go: my very first blog post!

It’s kind of exciting on one hand but on the other hand it’s not really a big deal since I have no readers (yet) anyway! It’s just me. And that’s a good thing – for now.

I decided to change my approach. Normally if I want to start something new, like taking my hobbies to the next level and starting my own …, well, anything (a cupcake bakery, an Etsy “shop”, a studio to give & host creative workshops, becoming a wedding planner or even better, a wedding stylist or start as a freelance designer) I spend weeks or months doing thorough background research on the internet, attending informational meetings & lectures and visiting every office that provides information on the subject that I can think of. So far so good. That’s what you NEED to do if you have to figure out how to get started and if you want to be taken seriously. But I always take it a few steps too far and end up making lists of subjects I need to find MORE information about and along the way I keep finding new subjects on which I need to find more information. Get the picture? I spent hours, weeks or even months reading about every little thing I need to take care off before I can start and I end up with stacks of printed documents & folders with information. For various reasons I always find it too difficult to really ACT on all the information I’ve gathered. I find one reason after the other to NOT do it. It’s almost like I’m scaring myself out if it. I know, that does not sound like an entrepreneur-type-of-approach at all and I might not really be one too. Which is OK. But this time I decided to just START with this blog and figure out what I don’t know along the way. This is the perfect project to practice my new approach, since I don’t have to make a financial investment what so ever to get started. All I have to invest is time, enthusiasm & perseverance. I’m not quite sure what I want to achieve with this blog YET, or even if I have a particular goal with this blog at all – but for now that’s also not so important. The most important thing for me is that I’m doing it because I want to and I’m creating & designing it from scratch the way I want to.


So here we are. Turns out my first post is about an interior fair I visited recently – actually, in the meantime it became more of a 2-in-1-post: an introduction AND an interior fair post. It just happened to be so. I tried not to over-think it and just post it.


When I visited this fair, I already arranged a web host, registered my domain name and FINALLY found a lay out theme I liked – don’t be fooled, these three things took me a few weeks, since I don’t know the slightest thing about website programming, I didn’t even know what a web host was – and when I was taking photographs at this fair, I thought “This could be on my blog”:

Ta daaa…. !

The interior design fair where I took the photographs shown above, is called A.Citylife. It was a small but inspirational fair, held in Antwerp. I saw some beautiful furniture and got some great decorating ideas. There were different types of brands represented there and they even had quite a large corner with vintage furniture. But my personal favorite was Espoo, a shop with Scandinavian design furniture & accessories.


The pink worktable from Montana is something I definitely have to remember for my future workshop studio! ;)

 {1. furniture & accessories by Missoni Home / 2. multicolor lounge by Modu+ / 3. worktable by Montana / 4. storage bags by Varpunen via I Object / 5. interior by Espoo Nordic Design}

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